How to correct and notify the TIN failed employees to the ACAwise team?
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Once you have transferred your data into your ACAwise account, we will process your data and perform TIN Matching if you have opted into this additional service. 

If any errors are found during TIN validations, we will get in touch with you via email. You can then notify these employees and provide the correct TINs to the ACAwise team.

Once you receive a notification from us, this is the process for reviewing, correcting, and notifying the ACAwise team about employees and their dependents with incorrect TINs.

  • Sign in to ACAwise
  • Select the business to view the dashboard.
  • Click  “Validation errors” and select TIN results. A window appears on the screen that shows you the details of “Total No. of Employees and their dependents, TIN passed, and Failed status.”

  • Click the “TIN Failed” tab to view the TIN failed members’ details and current status.

TIN error correction

  • To edit and update the correct TIN details, click on the edit button that appears on the right side under the Action.

TIN data correction

  • A pop-up menu provides the option to edit the TIN details for this member. (Note: If it is a dependent (type), you can update the correct name and DOB if SSN is unknown or incorrect. When addressing an employee(type), to avoid rejections from the IRS, it is a must to update with the correct name and SSN). Once you finish editing, click the “update” button. 

Fix TIN error

  • If you want to skip the TIN verification for any TIN failed member, you can click on the skipped TIN tab.

TIN data correction

  • To see the TIN log details of the member, click on the skip button under action.

TIN data correction

  • A pop-up menu will show a detailed TIN log of the particular member. (Note: Only 3 attempts can be made to edit and update the member TIN details)

TIN log details

  • Once updated, click “Notify TIN changes” in the top right corner of the screen. Our team will be notified of the changes you made.

Notify TIN changes

After receiving your response for a failed TIN, we will process your TIN Verification request and send it to the IRS. 

Once we receive the IRS status update, we will notify you via email and continue to generate accurate 1094 and 1095 Forms.

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