How do I transfer my ACA data into ACAwise?
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To share your ACA data with ACAwise, you must have an  ACAwise account created by our support team. From there, you can upload your employee’s data to us using our ACAwise template or your own template. We then process your data and generate ACA forms based on the information you provided. 

Getting Started

To get started, get in touch with our ACAwise support team at (704)-954-8420 or email us at [email protected]. Our ACAwise experts will reach out to discuss your requirements and set up your ACAwise account.

Share Data

From your ACAwise account, you can transfer your ACA data into ACAwise using these two methods:

1) Using our ACAwise template

If you do not have your own template, you can use the ACAwise template to upload your employee’s data.

You can download the appropriate ACAwise excel template from your ACAwise account under Templates in the dashboard.


Fill in the required information, such as the employee’s basic details, employee’s offer, and coverage details along with covered individuals in the downloaded ACAwise excel template and upload it back to us to process them.


You can download our elite ACAwise template from your ACAwise account under the same template menu in the dashboard.

Fill in the required information, including employer details, employee’s basic details, and insurance details, in the downloaded excel template and upload it back to your account for processing.

2. Using Your Own template

Alternatively, if you have your employee’s health insurance coverage data in your own template, you can upload this to us. The acceptable file formats are doc, docx, csv, zip, digital pdf, xls, xlsx, xlxm, or XML. Our technical team is capable of custom programming to extract the information from your files and generate the forms. Please note: scanned PDFs are not allowed.

Once you have uploaded your ACA data to us, we will process your data, generate ACA forms, and send them for your review. Upon your approval, we will proceed with e-filing with the IRS via the IRS AIR system and postal mail your employee copies. It's that simple!

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