How does the data validation menu in ACAwise work?
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The Data validation menu in ACAwise helps you to validate the correctness of the employee‘s raw data that you have filled in our downloaded excel template before uploading it to the ACAwise team to generate ACA codes for you. 

If you are not sure about how to generate ACA codes for your employees and do not have your employee’s data in your own template to upload to ACAwise, you have a provision to download our ACAwise excel template from your ACAwise account.

ACAwise template to generate ACA codes

Once you have downloaded and filled your employee’s raw data, including employer details, employee’s basic details, insurance coverage details in the excel template, you can validate it on your own using the data validation menu before uploading it to us to generate ACA codes.

  • Go to the Data Validation menu on the dashboard.
  • Select the appropriate template type that you have downloaded to fill the employee’s raw data to generate ACA codes, and upload the completed employee data file for validation.

ACAwise Data validation

  • Click on the "Validate" button to validate. Then, check for errors, and if any errors are found, correct them before uploading.

This reduces possible errors that may occur during validation from our end. 

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