How do I download the generated 1095 Forms in ACAwise?
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Once you upload your data into your ACAwise account, we will process and generate your Forms 1095 based on your information. You will then have the opportunity to review and make corrections to these forms. When the forms are ready for review you will receive an email notification. 

After you receive an email notification, sign in to your ACAwise account and review the generated forms directly in the ACAwise account (on-page verification), or download the generated 1095 form in excel format and verify it offline.

To download the generated 1095 forms in the ACAwise. 

  • Click against the selected business to view the dashboard.
  • Select ACA Forms.

  • Select Form 1095 under the action column to review it. Over there, you can download the 1095 forms in an excel format to review them offline.

download IRS 1095-C form

If any errors are found during the review, you have access to correct the data in the downloaded file or directly in ACAwise. After the successful completion of making corrections to the file. 

  • Go to the Upload menu to upload the corrected file.
  • Choose the corrected file, and click upload to notify the ACAwise team.

Once we receive your notification, we process your data and regenerate the forms. You will have a chance to double-check them. Upon your approval, we will e-file with the IRS and postal mail copies to your employees.

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